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Good afternoon ๐Ÿ™‚

How is it going? I hope all of you are doing fine…

So if someone asked me: what is your blog is all about? how your blog differs from zillions of another blogs?

Well, for me, I have many ideas and thoughts about what I am going to write about, but let’s listen to the following Questions and Answers scenario:

  • Q: Are you going to write about politics?
    A: Maybe! I don’t like politics that much though, but if I have something worth about, I would love to write about it, and please, NO FLAMING is ALLOWED HERE!!
  • Q: Are you going to write about your love stories?
    A: No, Silly you! actually I don’t have any love stories, yet, unfortunately ๐Ÿ˜›
  • Q: Are you going to talk about religions?
    A: Only if I HAVE TO, for example: defending my religion.
  • Q: Is there any tech posts in your blog?
    A: Of course, and I will do my best to let my posts be unique and amusing as much as possible.
  • Q: Will your posts written in Arabic or English?
    A: Both of them! it will be mixed though, but I will try to translate each other, so people from the both languages can understand what I am talking about, I also may post translated articles by me (after taking the permission from the author, of course).
  • Q: What else?
    A: I will write about a variety of topics that will matter the Arab society, including young people and students, I will discuss some of the modern problems in this society, and looking for solutions, I hope I can succeed in this mission.

So briefly, I will talk in many issues and disscus a wide range of topics, how much I will frequently going to post is depends on how much do I have, so in instance, I may write multiple posts in a lone day, but I may after that write nothing in a whole week or perhaps a month!

I will publish my translations, articles and projects (if I will have any!) here, alsoย  I may write about some thoughts that I gain from my daily life.

I hope that I was successful in drawing an idea about what I am going to write here for you, and once again: Stay tuned, and thanks for reading ๐Ÿ™‚


Hello world indeed!!

My name is Khalid Yousif, and I am from Iraq, living in Egypt for more than 2 years and studying Information Technology and Computing in Arab Open University.

For long years, I am active in Internet inside many chat rooms, mailing lists, groups and web forums, I participated in many discussions and dialogs, and talked about many ideas and thoughts.

Unfortunately, many of these discussions are lost due to a lot of reasons, including some web sites closed, logs destroyed, or ignorant admins that likes to suppress and oppose free speech.

Some friends therefore asked me to open a blog and start writing in it, in order to keep my own stuff under my own control without being banned or removed.

Two matters kept me away from starting a blog, the first is time, like most of you, I have a few of spare time to write, I have my studies and busy with many matters in my life, the second issue is what kind of thing I want to write about? I like always to talk about computers and technology, but I should have more things to talk about, these two subjects are not enough to me.

Not reasonable causes for me, after much of thought, and with the support of my beloved friends, I decided to start a blog, and write articles whenever I have the time and the will to do so.

In the few next days, I will write about what I am going exactly to blog about with some vision and thoughts, so that the reader can draw a simple idea in his mind about the contents of my blog.

So stay tuned, and thanks for reading ๐Ÿ™‚