FOSS Presentation in AOU

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hello everybody out there,

I am writing this post to link the FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) presentation which I gave in AOU (Arab Open University) during a free Linux course there, it has 40 slide covers the primary topics of FOSS and gives an entry point to GNU/Linux operating systems.

The presentation covers a three sessions (2 hours each, with total of 6 hours), and considered a very good introduction, anybody could use it and modify it (it has FDL license), I would like to thank Ahmed Mikawy (linuxawy) who made this great slide show, I actually corrected some mistakes, modified some stuff and add some additional slides, I hope everybody will like it and make use of it.

Please download it from this link:


P.S Note: any comments, suggestions and corrections are very welcomed and appreciated.


  1. Ameer Adel says:

    wow you Are awesome!
    Glad to have you as a colleague and as a friend 🙂


  2. i’m proud of you & your hard work, you the only one who is working after the installfest, good luck

  3. Shahriar Tariq says:

    Hi there,
    I really liked your presentation slide.. great work there,

    if you happen to make other presentation I would really like to use them to promote FOSS & Linux. (of course with due credit, please let me know about your license/terms of use if any)

    1. khalidyousif says:

      Hello Shahriar,

      Thanks for the comment, you can use any material from my blog as the way you like, the license is GNU FDL.

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