Free Linux Course – Fifth Session

Friday, May 1, 2009

Last week’s session was short a bit, I talked about the differences between CLI and GUI, and discussed some issues the students faced and lastly I gave them some work to do.

Their number is getting lower and I don’t know the cause, anyway I didn’t get any feedback from the students (niether positive nor negative), so they are probably sleeping!

Anyway I am very happy to host a very kind guest, Bassam (matata) is a Syrian server administrator who came from UAE to Egypt and paid me a visit, Thank you very much and welcome in my course, hope to see you next Sunday.

Next session I will start teaching them BASH.

God help me!


  1. abdallah says:


    hi khaled,
    How are you, I hope u re in good health.
    I know we make u upset but I apologize for our sleeping.
    And about the number it was something expected, that is one of the famous habits of aou student.
    Sorry I didn’t come to today lecture because I have exam tomorrow but I promise you I will read about BASH and try to understand it.
    See you next Sunday isa.

    1. khalidyousif says:

      Hello Abdallah,

      Actually you do really have to wake up so soon or it will be too late for you, I noticed most of AOU students don’t care about their craft, and building a career from scratch will be impossible with such carelessness.

      Also don’t forget that I am a normal student just like, I have my own duties in university such as studying for exams and doing homework, but I am overloading myself by giving this course to deliver a message to my fellow colleagues, which says that they have to explore the world around them and get rid of their ignorance by learning knowledge by themselves.

      I hope that you can understand about what I am talking about.

      Thanks for passing by and thank you for the comment…

  2. M.haji says:

    Salaam Khalid, how you doing. hope you had a good session today. I can’t believe i missed 5 sessions already. the thing is all the emails were coming to my junk-mail as spam, any way i was longing to convert as Linux OS user and somehow it took me ages to become officially Linux user even though i like the idea of not having to pirate any of Microsoft products to run my PC.

    now my question do you think i can catch up and follow you because i really want to and i was wondering if i can make up the sessions i missed in one way(reading about it) or other(video tutorials)because i really want to.

    Thank you.

    1. khalidyousif says:

      Hello Mohamed,

      Are you a student in AOU?

      If you do study there, I can’t believe my eyes! because this is the first time I see an AOU student who want to get rid of pirated software and use free alternatives, I thought that this is only me, I would like to congratulate you for taking such a courageous decision.

      About using pirated materials (programs, movies , music and video games), it is really illegal and unethical matter (as same as in theft), and whoever tries to legalize it or take it easy, I would like to say to them that they need to grow up and be responsible for their outrageous actions.

      I think that you can catch up if you started from now, please check up my former posts and follow/read any stuff that I mentioned, Google and Wikipedia are you best friends here, if you faced any difficulties, don’t hesitate to ask me about it and I will do my best to help you.

      Thank you very much for passing by and dropping a comment…


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