CLI Beginners Presentation

Monday, May 4, 2009

The last session had the most fewer attendants ever (almost 10), despite how it is important to IT members, however we’ve enjoyed the session that our guest Bassem gave it for us, thank you very much Bassem, you’ve done a very great job.

I am now considering ending this course, simply because looks like our students don’t care much about the importance of this subject to them and want to stay at their ignorance.

I don’t care about whatever excuses that they would use and I don’t care about whatever feeling they are going to express, because I am straightforward person and always try to express my feelings in frankly manner.

Anyway, for anybody who may concern,

that we used in the last session.

I would like to comment that the university was so unhelpful and mean with me, I don’t know why, but they were a huge obstacle against me, they do care only about their own events without giving much chance to students’ activities.

Thanks to everybody helped in making the course, thanks to everybody attended my sessions and were supportive, and sorry for anything went wrong.



  1. abdallah says:

    hello khalid,
    how are you? thanks for ur replay.
    you are right about execuses but forgive me you are wrong about considering ending this course, because if you at least teach one student thats will be a big winning.
    thanks very much for your help.


  2. Harith says:

    It doesn’t matter whether those students care or not, the only thing matters is that you had the capability of giving such a good course and maybe it could give you some motive to give other relevant courses in the future
    anyway, you succeeded ultimately because you did what you wanted “to give a course and finish it just well”, and surely some students made use of it and perhaps considered to set themselves free 😀 by using Linux
    Good luck mate
    Harith ..

  3. Giggs says:

    Well, what did you have in mind? Most of the people are afraid of changing the OS / dont care enough to know about linux and the open source community…As for being an IT student and not knowing about these kind of stuff, more than 50% of the graduated IT Students are not qualified to work at any field!!! As for ending the course try asking what they expected from your course, even if they dont feedback you go and ask them because maybe they want you to show them other stuff :p
    PS: personally i would show them some aircracking on a good configured linux box! That should be interesting, and sorry for the typos am on mobile again!

  4. khalidyousif says:

    Giggs: what you’ve said is correct 100%, I bet most of the IT students are clowns, so are Computer Science and Software Engineering, they will either do some monkey business or work as cooks in restaurants 😀

    Anyway, The brilliant students will be VIPs in future and will have an outstanding future of course, unfortunately I am not a hacker neither a security professional to teach them aircrack.

  5. Giggs says:

    Khalid: wish you the best komerad, do your best and when i finish my exams we shall r0ck our mindz together :p

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