Just finished my final exams…

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Phew! I have just finished my final exams two days ago, and the summer holiday started 😀


I am planning to do lots of stuff this summer, have to write more in this blog too 🙂

Have a nice and full of fun summer.


  1. Giggs says:

    enjoy your holiday, read much and h4x more!

  2. M.Haji says:

    it feels good to be done with the exams, specially after long continuous never ending TMA’s in un organized schedule. its like being in a typical university, its not open university anymore!

    any ways Mr.khalid don’t let me hijack your thread man enjoy the your holiday, and good luck with what ever you are planing to do.

  3. яєєм ~ says:

    Have Fun KhaliD !


  4. Harith says:

    this holiday should be full of work 😉 , however , I hope it will be as we’re still hoping and hoping , and I think that we’ll have it someday , soon or later …
    What do you think Khalid ?

    1. khalidyousif says:

      Harith, you are correct

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