Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Okay, so EGLUG thought that some of the volunteers need to be educated, and a summer course was decided to start next week in ITI, I am managing it at the moment (besides being a student and lecturer too :D).

We will take things mentioned here =>

And I will give the LXDE session, thanks to linuxawy, he gave me the task to give this session though I didn’t know what is LXDE and never used it before 😀

But I don’t mind learning and using new things, and LXDE looks pretty easy and I will manage it.

So this is basically what I am going to give:

0x11 Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment
0x1) What is LXDE?
0x2) Why using LXDE?
0x3) Distributions uses LXDE.
0x4) LXDE Installation.
0x5) LXDE's Components.
0x6) Customizing LXDE.
0x7) Questions?

Easy huh? 😀


  1. fouad says:

    ها ابو الوليد شنو انكلبت منظمة…….كول عدكم مساعدات..

    1. khalidyousif says:

      يا منظمة هاي!

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