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Who runs the Internet? And who manages the infrastructure that empowers millions upon millions of websites? Who administers file sharing, database, mail, chatting and instant messaging servers? Well why it is of course the system administrator who does all of that, which is the most unknown and unappreciated job in information technology field by non-experts. In this essay I am going to talk about this profession which happens to be my primary job. You don’t need to be a computer geek to understand what’s being discussed here.

A system administrator, usually abbreviated as “sysadmin” or SA and sometimes called operator, has many tasks. Including not just installing computer operating systems and configure them, but also installing and configuring pretty much any software package or service. After that he must monitor, manage, maintain and repair the systems that he has control on them. Managing systems include creating and deleting user accounts, controlling files’ ownership and permissions, updating system packages and any installed software, looking after the overall security of the environment. Maintenance includes replacing dead computer hardware components, writing scripts to automate specific tasks.

Almost any company that possesses a computer server and/or a sizeable quantity of computer users needs to employ an administrator to manage their systems either on full time work basis or as a part time job depending on the size of the user base and complexity of their system(s). Especially if they have websites to run, client/server applications to build, in house digital communication such as VoIP, IM and email.

Sometimes employers confuse system administrators with other titles; force them by this to do things they aren’t supposed to do. This includes building and managing computer networks (which is usually done by network technicians and administrators), giving generic IT technical support to other employees, building and maintaining websites (which is usually done by webmasters), and even routine data entry tasks. Nowadays there is a new trend of mixing developer’s job (designing and programming computer software) with system administrator’s responsibilities to decrease wages’ expenses and increase production with smaller staff resulting in a term so called ‘devops’ which means developer operators.

If you want to be a system administrator then you should prepare yourself to learn using many kinds of operating systems, not hesitating to try new software, allows reading about new technologies and trends regarding your job, getting your knees deep in lots of new things and your hands dirty on many new concepts. You should also tolerate working for very long hours, unappreciative bosses who thinks your job isn’t productive, nagging and needy users with their endless whining and requests.

A useful tip is that you shouldn’t always say ‘Yes!’ to all requests that you always get from users, some of them might be unnecessary at all. Use your logic and experience to determine whether a request is really necessary and otherwise you have to explain why it isn’t. Sometimes company rules prevent users from doing certain things while they insist on asking, you have always to be careful. Good luck!

When two related to each other, no matter how weak or strong their relationship is, quarrel on something. Then there should be always a way to end this quarrel peacefully. In this short essay I am going to reflect my own opinion. It can be not just about a couple but also about anyone else as well.

Disagreements can sometimes traced back to different interests between two, which however shouldn’t be a thing that limits a one’s relationship or make it seemingly impossible. Because different interests, hobbies and opinions can encourage understanding of each other and make it easier, also it makes them more engaged together while each one of them discover the other. Imagine how boring would be a relationship between two people if they have almost the same interests for the sake of perfect computability, which, by the way, never exists because each one of us simply is different from other.

Another reason is misunderstandings or poor communication between two. For example if someone interpreted something said by another wrongly while in fact what the other person said had completely different meaning. The solution in such case is very simple, which could be done by asking that person to clarify more until you get a clear picture of their intentions.

Then the most difficult reason of disagreements: opposing opinions and different viewpoints. This can be lethal -to the relationship itself- and very difficult to solve, especially if it was about different viewpoints regarding politics or religion. In my humble opinion if someone can’t respect your viewpoint while you do respect theirs, then they really do not deserve your respect to them, even if they are your soul mate.

Prophet Mohammed once said: “Pleasant word is charity.” and indeed, nothing is better than a pleasant word to heal wounds after a verbal fight. We are all humans after all and we always make mistakes.

Violence, violence never changes, whether it is verbal abuse, physical assault or firing guns and exploding buildings, it remains raw violence. In this short essay I am going to discuss how violence in films can affects us.

As we know, all of action films genre is based on raw violence. Guns spraying bullets everywhere, cars and buildings getting exploded, huge muscled guys crush each other with either melee weapons or bare hands (and legs sometimes), lots of blood, gore and fire for almost two non-stop, continuous hours. We have all seen it in big action stars’ blockbuster movies, such as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator series, Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky series, Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Universal Soldier, Jackie Shan’s Rush Hour series and so on. Most of their films have similar patterns in violence. The big question however is, how can these large doses of violence can affect people?

In my humble opinion, it could affect two kinds of people negatively; children and who has psychological issues (or both at the same time). Children can get very easily and quickly affected or inspired by pretty much anything and we can’t really blame them in case they acted violently because they watched an action film full of violence, their parents are the only ones to be blamed because they did not control what their kids should watch or shouldn’t, neither limited them or taught them manners. The second group of people who has psychological disorders are somewhat few in number and that’s reflect the rare cases of crimes (murder, rape, assault etc…) that happened due to psychological illness, and the only way to avoid that is resorting to early treatment.

From this we conclude that there is somewhat negative affect on few people who watches violent films but however it is kind of limited and can be controlled easily.

Are successes and failures in childhood affects us later in our lives? Or they do not? Or maybe there is some kind of balance that determines whether will affect us or not? In this short essay I will discuss this matter with giving both personal examples from my own experiences and also historical examples.

There is an old Arabic saying that says: “Learning for a child, is like inscription on stone.”, and that’s true for the most of the time, since childhood is the basis for anybody’s adulthood. For example when I get a reward from my parents (sometimes this reward is simply just nice congratulatory words) whenever I get full or high marks in an exam or homework in primary school, not only this will raise my moral at that time, but it will teach me that whenever I do hard work, I will get a reward from it in a way and another, which will encourage me later to do my best in any kind of challenge or work. At some time, failures come with consequences as well, in my experience it didn’t affect me no matter what, probably because I am most of the time don’t pay attention to my past and instead focus on my present.

Historically, Sir Isaac Newton was an inventor and an engineer since his early childhood. He built a miniature mill house operated by mice when he was child. This achievement, no matter how it may sound silly to some, is truly a great success that probably encouraged him even more to be a great mathematician and inventor.

In the other hand, we have Albert Einstein who failed in mathematics while he was in high school, and got ridiculed a lot for his opinions and theories when he was young by traditional scientists. However this didn’t deter him nor stopped him, his theory of relativity became very famous later and he continued to do his research. So we conclude from that successes in childhood have greater effects on a person than failures later on their lives.

Whenever we think or want to start a healthy diet we always encumber ourselves with lists of what’s good to eat and what’s not good to eat, which sometimes kills the idea from early on because we over-complicate things. Why don’t we simplify things a bit by eating whatever food, but with reduction of specific types, increasing other specific types and eat yet another kind of food moderately?

In this short essay, I am going to discuss my own strategy for getting (or staying) in shape. Be warned though that I am not a specialist in that field. I will just list my experience and nothing I mention here is concrete, your mileage may vary!

The strategy is very simple, and you can adjust in the way you want depending on your daily physical activity, health, age and weight. You can eat whatever you want to unless there is specific reason (i.e. illness) that prevents from that. However there is just one important rule that you always should remember: don’t overeat, be moderate.

Wake up early in the morning, about 7 or 8AM, have your breakfast. I usually eat some cheese, a little of honey with a piece of bread and a cup of green tea at breakfast, that should be giving you enough to start your day. If you feel that you need more then you can add a little bit of either peanut butter or chocolate syrup.

After 3 hours, just before midday, you might start to feel hungry. Have a snack, anything like potato chips or snack bars are good, just don’t eat much. Consume only few to kill you hunger and that’s all. My favorite snack is a bit of sunflower seeds or peanuts.

For lunch, I have a dish of rice, green salad and side dish of either vegetable soup or chicken. Substituting rice with more green salad is even better! You can have red meats too, but don’t make it a daily habit; I prefer to eat red meat only once or twice maximum a week. I usually have more green tea after the lunch meal.

If you want a snack between lunch and dinner, then why not eating fruits! Any fruit is a great fruit! Apples, bananas, oranges, pineapples, pomegranate and strawberries. Exotic fruits are even better but sadly more expensive. If you don’t want fruits or want to make a change for a day or two, then a cookie or a piece of cake should do, add to it even more green tea! Also I suggest that you take a walk outside for an hour if you like it and if the weather is okay.

For dinner, you can eat as the as the lunch, take or add a couple of things. You can fry stuff such as finger chips, chicken nuggets or open a can of tuna or sardine. Just don’t forget to eat vegetables with it. Also why don’t you have a fourth cup of green tea?

A great tip to reduce the feeling of hunger or to decrease the amount of food being eaten is to drink two glasses full of water just before any meal. Always drink lots of water. After dinner you should eat nothing else, wait for 3 hours, workout for an hour or less then rest a bit and sleep for 8 hours. During these 12 hours of non-eating the food will be digested and some of it will burn. For light workout I suggest that you a look at Power 90 program, if you want something harder then check the Power 90X workout program.

I have tried that strategy for two months and it is doing okay, I stopped gaining weight and lost about 5kgs without worrying much! Don’t eat lots of junk or fast food such as double cheese burgers or pizzas. I do it only once (I call it the free day) usually at weekends. Also avoid eating food with lots of fat. And if you are a fan of ice cream then I feel sorry for you. Eat consciously and stay healthy!

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السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

الحمد لله تم انتهاء العمل على تأسيس نواة اول موقع عسكري عراقي يختص بالقوات المسلحة العراقية البطلة

و تم الانتهاء من اول مرحلة فيه الا و هي المنتديات التي يمكن زيارتها على الرابط التالي

و ان شاء الله سوف نقوم بالبدء بالخطوة التالية الا و هي الموسوعة التاريخية الشاملة لكل صنوف الجيش العراقي الباسل في معاركه قريباً جداً

تخرجت مؤخراً من قسم تقنيات المعلومات و لله الحمد و انا بصدد استخراج شهادة البكلوريوس

و في ذهني العديد من المشاريع التي اود البدء فيها عند تفرغي

ترقبوا المزيد من الاخبار 😀

After a very long period of absence I return again, I have moved my blog from to which is my new home 🙂

Be prepared for new hot articles being published here very soon, stay tuned!