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If you :

* Got tired of your computer becoming slower and slower over time and freezing every now and then.
* Can’t stop viruses and attacks on your computer.
* Find the software and the system you use more expensive than the hardware.
* Don’t trust the software you use because you can’t really discover how it works.
* Want to discover new and better things.

Did you try GNU/Linux System??

Q: What is that GNU/Linux thing?
A: It’s a free operating system .. easy to use .. stable .. doesn’t need a powerful computer .. safe against viruses .. and have got many other advantages beside that.

Q: Oh yeah! I have tried this thing before and it didn’t properly work on my machine!
A: You can bring along your machine and we will troubleshoot it for you. We DO HAVE experts here!

Q: Ok, but tell me how much do I have to pay ?
A: Honestly, you’ll only pay for your transportation. We can’t drop by everyone’s home!

When you reach us…
We will offer you Linux on your computer along with Microsoft Windows OS if you still want to keep it till you are used to GNU/Linux.
We will show you how to install it and use it .
We will help you get used to it and provide technical support .
And all these options and more are ..

You’ll find us there installing systems and giving a bunch of useful sessions for those who want to learn more.
We are looking forward to seeing you there, and feel free to invite anyone with you 🙂

Q: Okay,  so when and where can I find you?
A: Our Install Festival is taking place next Monday 9/3/2009
From 10:00 am till 6:00 pm in iTi:
1 Mahmoud Said St., Shohada Square, Main Post Office Building, Alexandria. Floors 11, 12, 13

Q: Ummm… But I still Wanna know more about GNU/Linux and you guys before I visit you?

A: Well… You’ll find many other questions and answers in the Discussion board.

Plus… you can visit our website…

See you there…