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Yes I passed this year’s final exams with 2 B+ and an A (from A), I am not that happy despite I was surprised I took such good marks, and somebody knows why.

This year was too hard, many unpleasant things happened and I just wish it wouldn’t happen or I can return in some kind of time machine and prevent these unfortunate event, and next year I have to work on my graduation project, and God knows what will happen, wish me luck guys.

Anyway, I would like to point out that I heard somebody saying that my Linux course in the university failed, I actually I did not fail in it, I finished it as it was planned, and if the university was supportive enough and the students were more responsive I would give more advanced sessions, but I doubt anybody can understand what I will give.

Anyhow, I am planning for another campaign next semester, if you want to collaborate, be my guest.


Phew! I have just finished my final exams two days ago, and the summer holiday started 😀


I am planning to do lots of stuff this summer, have to write more in this blog too 🙂

Have a nice and full of fun summer.

The last session had the most fewer attendants ever (almost 10), despite how it is important to IT members, however we’ve enjoyed the session that our guest Bassem gave it for us, thank you very much Bassem, you’ve done a very great job.

I am now considering ending this course, simply because looks like our students don’t care much about the importance of this subject to them and want to stay at their ignorance.

I don’t care about whatever excuses that they would use and I don’t care about whatever feeling they are going to express, because I am straightforward person and always try to express my feelings in frankly manner.

Anyway, for anybody who may concern,

that we used in the last session.

I would like to comment that the university was so unhelpful and mean with me, I don’t know why, but they were a huge obstacle against me, they do care only about their own events without giving much chance to students’ activities.

Thanks to everybody helped in making the course, thanks to everybody attended my sessions and were supportive, and sorry for anything went wrong.


Last week’s session was short a bit, I talked about the differences between CLI and GUI, and discussed some issues the students faced and lastly I gave them some work to do.

Their number is getting lower and I don’t know the cause, anyway I didn’t get any feedback from the students (niether positive nor negative), so they are probably sleeping!

Anyway I am very happy to host a very kind guest, Bassam (matata) is a Syrian server administrator who came from UAE to Egypt and paid me a visit, Thank you very much and welcome in my course, hope to see you next Sunday.

Next session I will start teaching them BASH.

God help me!

Hello everybody out there,

I am writing this post to link the FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) presentation which I gave in AOU (Arab Open University) during a free Linux course there, it has 40 slide covers the primary topics of FOSS and gives an entry point to GNU/Linux operating systems.

The presentation covers a three sessions (2 hours each, with total of 6 hours), and considered a very good introduction, anybody could use it and modify it (it has FDL license), I would like to thank Ahmed Mikawy (linuxawy) who made this great slide show, I actually corrected some mistakes, modified some stuff and add some additional slides, I hope everybody will like it and make use of it.

Please download it from this link:


P.S Note: any comments, suggestions and corrections are very welcomed and appreciated.


I couldn’t give a session last week because I was rather busy and sick a bit, so I didn’t make it to Cairo…

Anyway the week before it I gave a live show of installing Ubuntu on a laptop, and the session was good overall, I noticed some interested students and one of them was writing notices in his copybook, GREAT!!

But however, I am still upset because the low number of attendants 🙁

Tomorrow I will talk about CLI vs. GUI in GNU/Linux and will try to solve some problems that students are facing

Good luck to me!


Last session was nice, I’ve talked about GNU/Linux in more details, and asked some questions…

Honestly I was happy because I found many students interested in it, but disappointed because of the few number of attendants, my aim was to let the whole IT students understand what is GNU/Linux and benefit from FLOSS, but alas! there are many dumbs out there…

The next session is at Sunday 12/04/2009, 12:00PM in classroom 906, the location is my university of course =>

In this session, I will do a live show of booting Ubuntu Live-CD and installing on a laptop, and I will give primary usage in GNOME environment.

Me wish luck to my self…

The second session about FLOSS and GNU/Linux starts next Sunday at 12:00PM to 02:00PM in Arab Open University.

I have some remarks that I should work on it and adopt some general method to give the lecture, I have to thank every friend encouraged me to do this course, I have noticed some people which I know regards the course pettily, I would say to those guys: “You will regret it!”

The topic for this session will be about technical details of Linux operating system and its file system, with basic knowledge about how to install it on a computer and using it.

Good luck to me!

Free course about Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS) and GNU/Linux Operating System.

The subjects taken in this course are introductory and gives a good knowledge about the course purposes for beginners and newcomers.

The first session is about the history and philosophy of FOSS and GNU/Linux.

Date: Saturday, March 28, 2009

Time: 12:00pm – 2:00pm

Location: Classroom 906, Level 9, Arab Open University

Street: Intersection of Makram Ebeid Street and Abd El Razik El Sanhoury Street

City/Town: Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt

Facebook Event Link:

More Links:

P.S Note: This course will be given by me 🙂

tux linux mascot

Tux: Linux's mascot

Yeah I know!

It has been a while because I was rather busy with many stuff…

I have passed the last semester with good marks, Yay 🙂

and just registered for the new semester, hopefully, I am planing to pass it too with good grades too.

So I was taking Red Hat Linux Essentials (rh033) course and I finished it yesterday, I would like to say many thanks to Ali Abdu who did his best to give us this important opportunity, and looking forward to start the next level.

Also I am a volunteer in the Linux Installfest Alexandria 2009, so much excited about it and can’t wait for it, I will post the details about what happened there, so stay tuned 😉

And lastly, I am working about an article about FLOSS, it will published during the fest, and I will put it here once I am done with it.

So that’s all for now, hope to get back blogging soon, goodbye.