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Whenever we think or want to start a healthy diet we always encumber ourselves with lists of what’s good to eat and what’s not good to eat, which sometimes kills the idea from early on because we over-complicate things. Why don’t we simplify things a bit by eating whatever food, but with reduction of specific types, increasing other specific types and eat yet another kind of food moderately?

In this short essay, I am going to discuss my own strategy for getting (or staying) in shape. Be warned though that I am not a specialist in that field. I will just list my experience and nothing I mention here is concrete, your mileage may vary!

The strategy is very simple, and you can adjust in the way you want depending on your daily physical activity, health, age and weight. You can eat whatever you want to unless there is specific reason (i.e. illness) that prevents from that. However there is just one important rule that you always should remember: don’t overeat, be moderate.

Wake up early in the morning, about 7 or 8AM, have your breakfast. I usually eat some cheese, a little of honey with a piece of bread and a cup of green tea at breakfast, that should be giving you enough to start your day. If you feel that you need more then you can add a little bit of either peanut butter or chocolate syrup.

After 3 hours, just before midday, you might start to feel hungry. Have a snack, anything like potato chips or snack bars are good, just don’t eat much. Consume only few to kill you hunger and that’s all. My favorite snack is a bit of sunflower seeds or peanuts.

For lunch, I have a dish of rice, green salad and side dish of either vegetable soup or chicken. Substituting rice with more green salad is even better! You can have red meats too, but don’t make it a daily habit; I prefer to eat red meat only once or twice maximum a week. I usually have more green tea after the lunch meal.

If you want a snack between lunch and dinner, then why not eating fruits! Any fruit is a great fruit! Apples, bananas, oranges, pineapples, pomegranate and strawberries. Exotic fruits are even better but sadly more expensive. If you don’t want fruits or want to make a change for a day or two, then a cookie or a piece of cake should do, add to it even more green tea! Also I suggest that you take a walk outside for an hour if you like it and if the weather is okay.

For dinner, you can eat as the as the lunch, take or add a couple of things. You can fry stuff such as finger chips, chicken nuggets or open a can of tuna or sardine. Just don’t forget to eat vegetables with it. Also why don’t you have a fourth cup of green tea?

A great tip to reduce the feeling of hunger or to decrease the amount of food being eaten is to drink two glasses full of water just before any meal. Always drink lots of water. After dinner you should eat nothing else, wait for 3 hours, workout for an hour or less then rest a bit and sleep for 8 hours. During these 12 hours of non-eating the food will be digested and some of it will burn. For light workout I suggest that you a look at Power 90 program, if you want something harder then check the Power 90X workout program.

I have tried that strategy for two months and it is doing okay, I stopped gaining weight and lost about 5kgs without worrying much! Don’t eat lots of junk or fast food such as double cheese burgers or pizzas. I do it only once (I call it the free day) usually at weekends. Also avoid eating food with lots of fat. And if you are a fan of ice cream then I feel sorry for you. Eat consciously and stay healthy!