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Are successes and failures in childhood affects us later in our lives? Or they do not? Or maybe there is some kind of balance that determines whether will affect us or not? In this short essay I will discuss this matter with giving both personal examples from my own experiences and also historical examples.

There is an old Arabic saying that says: “Learning for a child, is like inscription on stone.”, and that’s true for the most of the time, since childhood is the basis for anybody’s adulthood. For example when I get a reward from my parents (sometimes this reward is simply just nice congratulatory words) whenever I get full or high marks in an exam or homework in primary school, not only this will raise my moral at that time, but it will teach me that whenever I do hard work, I will get a reward from it in a way and another, which will encourage me later to do my best in any kind of challenge or work. At some time, failures come with consequences as well, in my experience it didn’t affect me no matter what, probably because I am most of the time don’t pay attention to my past and instead focus on my present.

Historically, Sir Isaac Newton was an inventor and an engineer since his early childhood. He built a miniature mill house operated by mice when he was child. This achievement, no matter how it may sound silly to some, is truly a great success that probably encouraged him even more to be a great mathematician and inventor.

In the other hand, we have Albert Einstein who failed in mathematics while he was in high school, and got ridiculed a lot for his opinions and theories when he was young by traditional scientists. However this didn’t deter him nor stopped him, his theory of relativity became very famous later and he continued to do his research. So we conclude from that successes in childhood have greater effects on a person than failures later on their lives.