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While going through my old files that I’ve written in the last 10 years. I’ve came through this short poem (I am not sure if we can call it a poem) that I wrote (or tried to write).

I wrote this piece in summer 2006. And it is dedicated to all Iraqi soldiers who lost their lives while defending for our fathers’ land freedom, independence and prosperity.

The ‘poem’ isn’t perfect at all. I appreciate all harsh or not so harsh criticism. Hope you will like it.

As the comrades prepared their gear
Without any kind of reluctance or fear
As the assault has no control nor steer
Where the engagement could be very near
As I begun running here
We started to strike the rear
As the enemy shouldn’t be able to hear
While men already done the tear
As we sticked together like smear
When we are already going to shear
As we knew that some of us will meet the Dear
What a shout can’t be taken by any ear
We cried…
We are at the tip of the Spear.

You may have noticed that I intentionally made the poem open to interpretations and it probably means nothing at all.


Red Crescent Movement, Wasit Branch have found an old Iraqi woman that lives like cavemen whom we all read about in history three days ago.

A source inside the organization said:

“we have provided the aid to this woman who is living inside a hole in a tiny hill of sand located near Al-Hayy county 45Km from Wasit Governorate.”

The source added that the hole which the woman used as a living place is made from metallic plates and wood then covered by sand and dirt, and the only main entrance to it is so narrow. The source affirmed that the old woman was frightened when she saw the time of the Red Crescent during their visit to provide her help, the woman who is 70 years old couldn’t speak with comprehensible words, also the source added that there are two rooms built by bricks and mud resides beside the ‘cave’.

The source also affirmed that this woman lived in that place for many decades and she is living on the food provided by the locals who are living around that area, and she has two daughters who are working as goats’ shepherds and one of the old woman brothers were living in a ‘hole’ besides hers but died because a attack by either wolves or foxes that usually inhabit that land.

And at the end of his statement, the source said that the Red Crescent is planning to make routine visits to her and give her what she need from food and water.

Original Source (Arabic)

My comment:

The statement didn’t say why this woman decided to live in this so called cave, although it is good to give her food and water, but they should really have to focus on helping her by providing better living place than a hole and trying to rehabitation and  healing her mentally!

And she is not the only one starving in Iraq, many ‘sane’ people in Iraq are also in need to food (especially widows and orphans) and pure water (especially in rural or remote villages and places ravaged by the war).

In opinion, all Iraqis are going to be cavemen sooner or later if the situation kept worsening like this, as the war destroyed the infrastructure and harmed the civilized life and society there.