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When two related to each other, no matter how weak or strong their relationship is, quarrel on something. Then there should be always a way to end this quarrel peacefully. In this short essay I am going to reflect my own opinion. It can be not just about a couple but also about anyone else as well.

Disagreements can sometimes traced back to different interests between two, which however shouldn’t be a thing that limits a one’s relationship or make it seemingly impossible. Because different interests, hobbies and opinions can encourage understanding of each other and make it easier, also it makes them more engaged together while each one of them discover the other. Imagine how boring would be a relationship between two people if they have almost the same interests for the sake of perfect computability, which, by the way, never exists because each one of us simply is different from other.

Another reason is misunderstandings or poor communication between two. For example if someone interpreted something said by another wrongly while in fact what the other person said had completely different meaning. The solution in such case is very simple, which could be done by asking that person to clarify more until you get a clear picture of their intentions.

Then the most difficult reason of disagreements: opposing opinions and different viewpoints. This can be lethal -to the relationship itself- and very difficult to solve, especially if it was about different viewpoints regarding politics or religion. In my humble opinion if someone can’t respect your viewpoint while you do respect theirs, then they really do not deserve your respect to them, even if they are your soul mate.

Prophet Mohammed once said: “Pleasant word is charity.” and indeed, nothing is better than a pleasant word to heal wounds after a verbal fight. We are all humans after all and we always make mistakes.