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Violence, violence never changes, whether it is verbal abuse, physical assault or firing guns and exploding buildings, it remains raw violence. In this short essay I am going to discuss how violence in films can affects us.

As we know, all of action films genre is based on raw violence. Guns spraying bullets everywhere, cars and buildings getting exploded, huge muscled guys crush each other with either melee weapons or bare hands (and legs sometimes), lots of blood, gore and fire for almost two non-stop, continuous hours. We have all seen it in big action stars’ blockbuster movies, such as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator series, Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky series, Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Universal Soldier, Jackie Shan’s Rush Hour series and so on. Most of their films have similar patterns in violence. The big question however is, how can these large doses of violence can affect people?

In my humble opinion, it could affect two kinds of people negatively; children and who has psychological issues (or both at the same time). Children can get very easily and quickly affected or inspired by pretty much anything and we can’t really blame them in case they acted violently because they watched an action film full of violence, their parents are the only ones to be blamed because they did not control what their kids should watch or shouldn’t, neither limited them or taught them manners. The second group of people who has psychological disorders are somewhat few in number and that’s reflect the rare cases of crimes (murder, rape, assault etc…) that happened due to psychological illness, and the only way to avoid that is resorting to early treatment.

From this we conclude that there is somewhat negative affect on few people who watches violent films but however it is kind of limited and can be controlled easily.