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Yes I passed this year’s final exams with 2 B+ and an A (from A), I am not that happy despite I was surprised I took such good marks, and somebody knows why.

This year was too hard, many unpleasant things happened and I just wish it wouldn’t happen or I can return in some kind of time machine and prevent these unfortunate event, and next year I have to work on my graduation project, and God knows what will happen, wish me luck guys.

Anyway, I would like to point out that I heard somebody saying that my Linux course in the university failed, I actually I did not fail in it, I finished it as it was planned, and if the university was supportive enough and the students were more responsive I would give more advanced sessions, but I doubt anybody can understand what I will give.

Anyhow, I am planning for another campaign next semester, if you want to collaborate, be my guest.


Hello everybody out there,

I am writing this post to link the FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) presentation which I gave in AOU (Arab Open University) during a free Linux course there, it has 40 slide covers the primary topics of FOSS and gives an entry point to GNU/Linux operating systems.

The presentation covers a three sessions (2 hours each, with total of 6 hours), and considered a very good introduction, anybody could use it and modify it (it has FDL license), I would like to thank Ahmed Mikawy (linuxawy) who made this great slide show, I actually corrected some mistakes, modified some stuff and add some additional slides, I hope everybody will like it and make use of it.

Please download it from this link:


P.S Note: any comments, suggestions and corrections are very welcomed and appreciated.

Yeah I know!

It has been a while because I was rather busy with many stuff…

I have passed the last semester with good marks, Yay 🙂

and just registered for the new semester, hopefully, I am planing to pass it too with good grades too.

So I was taking Red Hat Linux Essentials (rh033) course and I finished it yesterday, I would like to say many thanks to Ali Abdu who did his best to give us this important opportunity, and looking forward to start the next level.

Also I am a volunteer in the Linux Installfest Alexandria 2009, so much excited about it and can’t wait for it, I will post the details about what happened there, so stay tuned 😉

And lastly, I am working about an article about FLOSS, it will published during the fest, and I will put it here once I am done with it.

So that’s all for now, hope to get back blogging soon, goodbye.