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I’ve announced before about the installfest in Alexandria that took place last month, I’ve promised to write about it right after I return from it, so I am sorry for being damn late ๐Ÿ˜€ because I am too busy in my studies.

From early morning, I got up before 7:00AM and prepared myself to go the place of the event, and waited my friend who contributed his PC to pick me up, and of course I didn’t forget to bring my 17″ wide-screen LCD brand new monitor with me, we reached the place before 9:00AM.

I’ve started there to install the PC and get it running, obviously something wrong was with it, alas! there wasn’t much time to repair things, I have hurried up to run games on it (my job was to show the people a Linux gaming box), the event started at 10:00AM.

Wow! a flood of people, I was barely able to move from room to room because the large number of attendants, I started my show with viewing some stuff from the demo-scene running on WINE, because my hasty preparations I couldn’t run many games in a good manner, at the other side, at 12PM, sessions were running like crazy and everything was chaotic.

It was very unfortunate that live broadcasting from there is not allowed for some reasons, but I have noticed a camcorder walking between the halls, I didn’t get any videos anyway, and photographs were too few.

For the sessions, I started first giving a session about games in Linuxย  and it turned somehow to a session about WINE,ย  everybody was interested about how to run his beloved Windows based game on Linux,ย  too many questions about it, most of them were repeated though I answered all of them, the most stupid questions were:ย  Can I run netcut (a software which ‘cuts’ computers from the network) on WINE or not? Can I run pirated (patched) software on WINE or not? Can I run Silkroad Online (an MMORPG) bots or not? funny questions indeed, and I guess they were off topic.

After all, all of my friends did very well (Ahmed, Ali, Amr and Bahaa to name a few), we finished the event at 6PM, the number of the attendants wasn’t expected at all, they reached about 3000 visitors, we have fun during the event and after packing up our stuff we went to have a delicious dinner at 8PM.